5 Meal Planning Tips for the Everyday Busy Mom

5 Meal Planning Tips for the Everyday busy Mom

Organizing what you are going to cook before you shop can help you use your time more efficiently and help you save some cash. These 5 Meal Planning Tips for the Everyday Busy Mom can help you keep everyone fed. Even on days it feels like there’s no time.

As baseball season is quickly approaches I realize I have to get my life together. And when I say my life I really mean my meal planning. I’ve bee pretty lazy about meal planning lately and it’s been getting me into trouble. I try to keep a pretty tight grocery budget and the best way to do that is to meal plan and make sure i’m using our pantry staple

5 Meal Planning Tips for the Everyday Busy Mom

There are several things you can do to keep your meal planning on track so that you can spend quality time with your family. These are just some of the things we do in our house to make sure everyone is fed when we are short on time.

Ask Your Family

I have to be honest. If the kids don’t want to eat it then I’m probably not making it. Getting a good idea of what everyone has a taste for can help to make meal planning easier. And don’t worry if the kids want pizza or chili. There are always ways to up the nutritional value of dishes by adding extra veggies. Like this pumpkin turkey chili recipe. I especially, love it when I can turn yesterdays dinner into a brand new meal. Like turning a roasted chicken into a delicious ancd  healthy Waldorf Salad.

Make A Calendar

Sometimes getting it all done is at once is just easier with a plan. When our schedule is really busy I whip out my handy Monthly Meal Plan calendar. Jotting down ideas helps me meal plan and shop for groceries.

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Feel free to download this monthly meal plan template with themes. You can also subscribe to the blog to receive additional meal planning templates and first dibs at freebies.

Use The Pantry

While I’m figuring out what to make for the month. I always head to the pantry. Making use of what’s in the pantry means that I shop less and save more. Hey, you bought it. Might as well make good use of it. I love to whip out a can of black beans and make black bean burgers. Another staple I always have in my pantry, is pasta. My littles love mac n cheese and will eat it at any meal.

Get Out The Gadgets

We recently got a new stove and it’s really been a gift. Especially, because there’s this button on it that says cooking time. You won’t believe it, but this button turns the oven off when once the cooking time has finished. This works well when you know the exact cooking time of your food. But even if you don’t have a fancy pants oven (I know it may not be fancy to you but it is to me) there are still plenty of other gadgets you can use to get dinner (or lunch) done in a hurry. Whip out the slow cooker or pressure cooker. I love making a whole chicken in the pressure cooker. Mostly because of how quickly you can cook it. That’s the point of these gadgets to get a meal done quickly and/or efficiently without you having to stand over a stove. So use it to your advantage.

Theme Night for the Win

When I’m at my wits end I turn to themes for dinner. Not having to think about what to make, makes life easy. We don’t do Taco Tuesday much but we love Pizza on Fridays. You can check out some of my favorite pizza recipes for kids over on the FamLee of Four blog.

Life can quickly get hectic but these meal planning tips will help you stay on track. Do you have any meal planning tips I should add to this list? Please share it with me. You can tag me on Instagram @els.kitchencomforts or visit the El’s Kitchen Comforts page on Facebook. Or just leave a comment below. Whatever works for you.



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