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5 Things You Need for an Impromptu Family Picnic Today

5 Things You Need for an Impromptu Family Picnic Today

Are you ready to grab the family and have a little picnic? April 23 is National Picnic Day. And though I often plan impromptu frolics ( I know, I said plan and impromptu in the same sentence) on the lawn that might not have been on your schedule today. So here are the 5 Things You Need for an Impromptu Family Picnic Today.

I know, I know, for most people impromptu means no planning. But the impromptu portion is for the rest of the family not for you. Just imagine the looks on your families face when you tell them we’re going to have a picnic outside or dinner is going to be a picnic. They’ll be so excited.

We’re going to make this a great family picnic. I’ve got your back boo!! Here are 5 Things you need for an Impromptu Family Picnic.

1. Blanket

Personally, I don’t care if you don’t have food. It’s not a picnic without a blanket. A blanket is an essential part of a great picnic. A nice thick large blanket helps to keep you food and other items from flying away, it more comfortable to sit on and if necessary it can keep you warm. As a family of 6, I always keep a big blanket in my car. But, I also have a special blanket just for picnics.

2. Food & Beverages

Leaving my house without food or drink is a big no, no on. Food is the ultimate toddler tamer so I try to never leave home without it. For an impromptu picnic I typically keep it simple with sandwiches, chips, fruit and juice boxes. Add the foods your family loves to a your picnic bag. Whether that’s chip or hot dogs. It’s all about having fun.

Notice, the items I mentioned for our picnic requires no utensils or plates. If your picnic is really impromptu don’t hesitate to pick something up from your local restaurant or grocery store. Just don’t forget the utensils and plates.

Oh, and bring an extra bottle of water just incase you need to rinse something (or someone) off.

3.Wipes and Towels

So, funny little tidbit I drive around with paper towels in my trunk. Hey, as a mom of 4 I know there are going to be messes. And the goal is to make this picnic fun (and low stress), for my family and me. So that means eating with our hands. So there is always hand sanitizer and anti bacterial wipes on hand. It’s a must because my littles love to dig in the dirt and today is all about fun so I am not going to stop them. Even if your children don’t dig in the dirt anti bacterial wipes and towels are great to have if someone scrapes a knee or you need to clean something off.

4. Trash Bag

It’s now glamorous, but it is necessary. Bring a trash bag to your picnic. At the end of your wonderful family time some clean up will be required. And no one likes a slob. I typically bring at least at least two trash bags with me for our picnics. One is specific for food and juice boxes and the second as a just in case.

5. Fun Activities

Don’t forget to bring the fun. What do I mean by fun? Hmm, maybe Connect Four? No really you love to do as a family is what you should bring. We typically have a soccer ball or a basket ball in our car, so that’s our go to family fun activity. But sometimes if I have the time (and if I remember) I dig in the “Summer Fun” basket and bring out the bubbles or a kite for our picnic.

It's time to have more fun, so here are the 5 Things You Need for an Impromptu Family Picnic Today.

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So are you ready to have an impromptu picnic with the family? In the end, it’s all about getting outside with the family and enjoying the day. Oh, and if the day isn’t beautiful just have your picnic inside.

Happy National Picnic Day!! What’s in your picnic basket?


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