About Me

About Me


Hi, I'm Denell

I'm a mother, wife, educator, and historian with a passion for global food and parties. Food was my first love and has been my source of comfort since I can remember. I spend lots of time in the kitchen with family and friends making heart warming meals and having a good 'ol time. Food shouldn't stress you out. It should comfort you and make you feel at home.

About My Love For International Food

Growing up in a predominately hispanic neighborhood, food made me feel included when I was different from everyone else. When the parents of my friends did not speak English, food was one thing everyone understood. Food and cooking with my friends and their families made me feel included. It’s a gateway to developing bonds and understanding different cultures.

As I grew older, so did my passion for different foods. Being invited into the kitchens of my friends presented the opportunity to learn how to cook new dishes, to build bonds and break bread with diverse people. As a historian, I like to investigate the origins of food and track its movements. It’s astonishing how food has molded, altered and at times taken on a new life depending on the location. The influence globalization has had on food is phenomenal but it's nothing compared to how it influences people’s lives.

About This Blog

This blog is the culmination of my food experiences and the fun had with my friends and family. From eating, to serving and cooking, food has always been a part of my life. I have a habit of eating my feelings (and forcing my friends and family to eat with me). This blog reflects my experiences, the spark of a history project and the new experiences and traditions created with my family and friends. It's here to help you enjoy food, embrace to kitchen and have a belly aching good time. I'll help you take the stress out of cooking, out of entertaining, out of trying something new.

The food here isn't overly extravagant or complicated. It's food that makes you feel good. Food that reminds you of home and good times with friends. It's food you want to share. It's a return to normalcy, solace. At least for a minute. So let's get in the kitchen, whip up a meal and invite some people over. Don't stress it, "I've got you!"

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