Disclosure Statement

Disclosure Statement

Hello! Just wanted to give you the 411 on El’s Kitchen Comforts (a.k.a the disclosure statement). I blog about family, food and festivities because I love it. I blog about culture, family and having a good time because that’s what makes me who I am. I do not blog because it makes me money. This blog existed long before I ever thought about monetization. Would it be nice to see a deposit from an affiliate payment in my bank account? Yes!! Of Course.

But let’s be honest I spend way more hours working on than “making” money. Hmmmm, feels eerily similar teaching. It just makes sense to use affiliate programs to recommend the things I love as well as my interests. In turn, it’s also important that I inform you that I work with a variety of affiliates. From  Amazonto  Home Depot these are the actual companies I use for my purchases. Amazon is where I got my Instant Pot and Ball is the company that makes the mason jars I use to make Carrot Cake Overnight Oats and mini cheesecakes. Then the Sole 2 Core workouts saved me when I realize I might have had one too many cheesecakes to fit into my jeans. What I’m trying to say is, this is me.

I’ve added product links to help pay for part of the internet connection as well as hosting and other items needed for the blog. And when you click on certain affiliate links on this site, I make a small percentage here and there for your clicks and your purchases. One again, it does not cost you anything but it can help me a lot. I appreciate you clinking the links and supporting the blog.