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Great Ideas for throwing a Pokemon Birthday Party

Great ideas for a Pokemon themed birthday party

Great ideas for throwing a Pokemon Birthday Party and places to get tons of free printables for your party.

Great Ideas for throwing a Pokemon Birthday Party

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It’s our oldest’s birthday and we decided to have  a super low key birthday party. Of course, just because it was low key didn’t mean mommy wasn’t going to go all out. And in … of the PJs he wears all the time we went with a Pokemon birthday party. So here are some Great Ideas for throwing a Pokemon Birthday Party as well as a ton of free printables.

Let me tell you. It was easier than I thought it would be. You know sometimes you get this great party theme and you work it through just to find out it’s not going to work. I hate that. Grrr. In this case, I had to be even more thoughtful because this party wasn’t going to be at our house. But between Amazon, the party store and wazoo of freebies I found online it all worked out. So getting this party together was much easier than I thought it would be.

great ideas for throwing a pokemon birthday party

Once we had a location for the party, I set to out to decide what items I needed to decorate the space. We typically have birthday parties at our house, so having it somewhere else made me a bit anxious.  That might be why I’m all about DIY parties at home. You never have to worry about forgetting the candles or not having enough food because you’re at your house.

Typically, I’m all about the DIY party in my house. But this year we had to keep it contained. And sometimes when you are short on time, or energy or space it’s easier to have your party somewhere else. So I guess you could call this birthday was semi-home made birthday party. You know a mama’s got to do, what a mama’s got to do.

Great Ideas for throwing a Pokemon Birthday Party

So where do you start with a Pokemon Birthday Party? With the decorations. Of course.

Pokeman Party Decorations

There are tons of place you can order your invitations from. If you are a DIY mom like me you might decided to make your own. If you don’t, there are tons of blogs and sites that have free Pokemon Birthday Invitations.

Amanada over at the Eco Friendly Family has free printable birthday banners. Yes, I said banners. She actually gives you the option of two different Pokemon birthday banners you can print.

I placed the banner up on the wall in out dinning room so my little could see it as soon as he came downstairs for breakfast. That with the Pokemon balloon bouquet nearly drove him over the edge and we were no where near party time.

Great ideas for throwing a Pokemon Birthday Party

Ramona at Fab Everyday has the simplest and cutest water bottle labels. Though I used the water bottle labels I still purchased cups, plates and napkins from Amazon.

For the final touch I found images from Maxabella from Mumlife of the Pokemon characters and glued it to plain bags I had in the house. Those became our birthday gift bags. I used some of the other images I found and added it to the favor bags.

Dress like a Pokemon or Trainer

To really get into the theme I was excited to find a Pokemon hoodie and t-shirts. Amazon has a ton of different Pokemon hoodies to chose from.

If you’d like to do it yourself, there are also several mommy blog that have figured that whole Ash outfit out. I am very fond of Kaysi over at Keeping It Simple (the name says everything right), her Ash outfit is so simple it’s genius.

Pokemon Birthday Party
Courtesy of Keep It Simple

Pokemon Birthday Entertainment

All about the kids and the adults having fun at a party. Everyone should enjoy this time together. So while the kids were off playing I had a couple of activities for the parents too.

Great ideas for throwing a Pokemon Birthday Party

Used printable coloring pages  from Mom Junction and the Pokemon coloring pages blogspot to make a DIY coloring book for our guests. The Pokemon Coloring Pages blog was a gold mine of great Pokemon coloring pages and activities like mazes.

Pokemon Maze

Pokemon Birthday Party Food

Forkly had a ton of great ideas for Pokemon themed food. One of my favorites is the Poke Ball Pizza. The Poke Ball is one of the easiest Pokemon images to replicate. Cute kids for food has tutorial on how to turn those babybell cheese wheels into a Poke Ball.

I’m also in love with this Youtube Tutorial on how to make Pokemon Cupcakes. I warn you, it’s in German but I think you can figure it out. We just used a regular cake and Pokemon Birthday Candles.

Pokemon Birthday Party Favors

I printed out additional Pokemon images in a smaller size and glued it to the favor bags. Our guest received Pokemon bracelets and items to take care of their Pokemon.

If you don’t want to buy the Pokemon bracelets, over at Rose’s Notes she makes her own Pokemon Loom Bracelets. I wanted to make my own but I had trouble finding red rubber bands.

Pokeman Birthday Party
Courtesy of Rose’s Notes

Not only did our guest get to have fun and play. Even if they didn’t “catch em all” they went home with their own Pokemon.

I loved these Pokemon Thank You Cards from Halegrafx. I printed it out and added it to some of the larger gifts in the favor bags.

great ideas for throwing a pokemon birthday party

This birthday was super simple and easy to put together. Finding the decor, favors and printables took the most time. Of course, you don’t have to do that now. It’s all right here for you. So you, and you family and friends can go out at “Catch ’em All.”

What other themed parties are you interested in throwing? Leave me a comment and let me know.


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