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Halloween Pumpkin Candy Apples

Pumpkin Candy Apples

As a child I loved going down to the shore and getting candy and caramel apples. Who wouldn’t? For me it was one of the few times I was allowed to indulge in sugary sweets. So this Halloween treat is a throw back to my childhood. Halloween Pumpkin Candy Apples for everyone.

The more you get to know me, the more you’ll understand why I was the type of child that didn’t need any additional sugar. Of course, it only took a little nudging to get this treat. Why? because it was mostly fruit. Or at least that was the argument that I used.

I particularly like this recipe because it’s as simple as buying apples, crafts sticks and orange candy melts. If you don’t have orange candy melts you could also use a sugar, corn syrup mixture and add a couple of drops of orange food coloring.

It’s a cute treat for my children and adults. I decided ti wrap it in plastic wrap and send it to school with him in his lunchbox. This is also a nice addition to your Halloween party if you are having one. A tray of candy apples. You might want to melt some white chocolate and make a couple of ghosts too.

Halloween Pumpkin Candy Apples

Makes 4 Candy Apples


Tools: large microwave safe bowl, baking sheet

Pumpkin Candy Apples


Wash and dry your apples.

Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper or waxed paper.

Place a lollipop stick into the top of each apple and push to the middle of the apple.

Place candy melts in a microwave safe bowl.

Melt candy one cup at a time by microwaving on medium for 1 minute then stirring. Continue to microwave at 15 second intervals until totally melted.

Pumpkin Candy Apples

Hold apple by stick, dip into melted candy melts and swirl until apple is completely coated.

Place candy coated apple on baking sheet to set for at least 30 minutes.

Using a black food writing pen, paint eyes (or a face) on your Pumpkin Candy Apple.

Pumpkin Candy Apples


You can also use fondant or melted white or dark chocolate to create a face for your Pumpkin Candy Apples.

If you liked this and are interested in fun crafts take a look at my Family Friendly Fall Crafts.

If you try this recipe, I’d love to know. Leave me a comment or take a picture and tag it #elskitchencmfrt on Twitter or @els.kitchencomforts on instagram. I’m excited to see what you cook up.



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