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How to Shop Shoprite’s Can Can Sale

How to shop Shoprite's Can Can

I’m excited to share this How to Shop Shoprite’s Can-Can Sale post because when you are feeding your family it’s easy for the food budget to get out of control. Stocking up on sale items is a great way to save more and stress less.

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It’s “Can-Can” time which means it’s a great time for some deals on your favorite pantry items. There always seems to be some point of time in the year when someone asks “how much do you spend on groceries?” This time to questions wasn’t directed specifically toward me (as a family of 6 with only one full-time income I understand) but towards all the women in the mom group.

One of the reasons we are able to keep our grocery bill so low is because we shop sales and sometimes even bring coupons (less of the latter lately). I firmly believe a well-stocked pantry is essential to keeping your grocery bill low on a weekly basis.

How to Shop Shoprite's Can Can Sale.

And since Shoprite is currently having it’s Can Can sale it’s a great time to share how

It’s Not Just Cans

Before we jump right in to “How to shop Shoprite’s Can-Can Sale” there are just a couple of things to get out of the way. Most people think that Shoprite’s Can-Can Sale is literally just a sale on canned food items. And the only food you get is over-processed, over-salted, carbohydrate filled junky food. And if that’s your thing (or you are throwing a party) Can-Can has a ton of chips, sodas and cookies on sale. But those are not the only items on sale. Shoprite’s Can Can Sale has come a long way.

I mean a real long way. It used to focus on ShopRite’s private label products. Now it includes national brands and not just items you find in a can. It’s everything from Free Range eggs, to Extra Virgin Olive Oil, frozen vegetables and sustainably harvested coffee beans are on sale for Can Can. Even household products like napkins and garbage bags are part of the Can Can sale. Shocking!! I know.

How to Shop Shoprite's Can Can Sale

And sometimes the sale price of an item during Can Can is not always the cheapest price of an item. But $.99 for a steam bag of veggies is right in my price range so I’m all over it. LOL

How to Shop Can-Can and get the best deals

  • Check for items you would typically buy.
  • Circle the best deals and plan to stock up.
  • Make a budget – you’ll be tempted to buy items you don’t need.
  • Shop Can- Can separate from your regular grocery list.
  • Use the super coupon.
  • Use the manufacturer’s coupon with the super coupon.

You probably have a general idea of what you pay for certain items. For me, it’s a great deal to get 5 tuna pouches for $4 since I would typically pay over a dollar for each. Or to get disinfecting wipes for $1.50 when I would typically spend $3.00 on one. Especially, during Flu season. And as a family of 6 with children who love to play, you can only imagine the amount of laundry we have.

So are you wondering what’s on my list?

What’s on My Can Can List

  • soup
  • tuna pouches
  • peanut butter
  • crushed tomatoes
  • corned beef hash
  • olive oil
  • coffee
  • cleaning products
  • paper products
  • frozen vegetables

This was just what was on my list. My littles love grilled cheese sandwiches and soup for lunch. And during Can-Can the price of their favorite soup dropped to less than half, so it was on my list to stock up. Can-Can is also great because even though an item may not be part of the Can-Can sale, it’s possible that if it’s a complimentary item (think disinfecting whips and facial tissue) it’s on sale too!

Pepperoni Grilled Cheese

If you missed the January 2020 Can Can sale don’t worry. Shoprite typically has at least 4 Can Can sales a year.

Here are some tasty recipes you can whip up …

Hope this “How to Shop Shoprite’s Can-Can Sale” helps you save some money and stress less. So now I’m wondering … What’s on your list to purchase?

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