5 Cookies 1 Dough Cookbook


5 Cookies 1 Dough Cookbook

E- Book (Digital) & Downloadable PDF


  • 10 Tips & Tricks for delicious cookies every time
  • 1 Basic Cookie Dough Recipe
  • 5 Cookie Recipes
  • Cookie Fix Cheatsheet
  • 1 Create Your Own Cookie Worksheet

Learn how to master 1 cookie dough recipe to make a variety of cookies and cookie bars.

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5 Cookies 1 Dough Cookbook E- Book (Digital Product)

This digital cookie cookbook is the only one you’ll need.

The basic cookie dough recipe can be used to make dozens of different cookies and cookie bars.

You get this super delicious and easy basic cookie recipe, as well as 5 additional cookie recipes. These recipes will help you build confidence with baking a variety of cookies.

Once you’ve mastered the basic cookie dough you can move on to creating the cookie of your dreams.

And don’t worry if you make a mistake. This cookie cookbook contains tons of tips and tricks for perfects cookies as well as fixes just in caseĀ  your cookie creation goes wrong.

This cookie dough is so simple, you can whip it up in the time it takes your oven to pre-heat to 350 degrees. So, let’s bake some cookies and have some fun.

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