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10 Best BBQ Grill Accessories you must have for a great BBQ

best BBQ Grill accessories you must have for a great BBQ

10 Best BBQ Grill Accessories you must have for a great BBQ. These accessories will turn you into a Grill Master.

I’ve rounded up 10 Best BBQ Grill Accessories you must have for a great BBQ.

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Now, I’m going to be honest with you, grilling is not my thing. When honey is called away for one reason or another I jump in and turn the meat or check the temp and take off the grill. On the other hand, I am a pro at picking awesome grill accessories. And you can ask anyone that has been to a BBQ at our home my husband is a Grill Master.

No really, he has vegetarian eating his pernil. So don’t be caught unprepared for your BBQ this summer.

10 Best BBQ Grill Accessories you must have for a great BBQ

1. Meat Thermometer

Courtesy Ataberk Guler

As honey says “1st rule of having a great BBQ is to not get anyone sick.” Is it great to have beer and great food yes. But if people get sick they wont remember any of that. So when throwing pork or chicken on the grill make sure it is done by using a meat thermometer.

“1st rule of having a great BBQ is to not get anyone sick” – click to tweet

2. Grill Station

Another way to assist in not getting anyone sick is a grill station. It allows you to marinate meat and stay organized.It’s always good to keep cooked food away from raw food (remember honey’s 1st rule). This grill station is nice and portable. Yippe!!

3. Grill Set

Hubby seems to particularly like the grill set with wooden handles. The most important part is to get something that is grease resistance. We specifically only have bought the grill sets with wooden handles but a silicon grill set would probably work well because that’s what the insulated frill gloves are made of.

4. Insulated Grill Gloves

Boy that grill gets hot. But these insulated gloves are rated for over 400 degrees F (you know that came from him right). So what does that mean. It means that you can pick up hot coals with these silicone BBQ grill gloves and not burn your hands.

5.Wood Coals

We use wood coals at  over here. Why wood over regular coals? Because it burns hotter and helps to add a beautiful sear to your meat. It’s a delicious way to add smoke and flavor to your meal. We really like maple wood coals.

6.Charcoal Starter

Have you been at the grill lighting match after, match, after match just to have your coals go out? Yeah, that’s annoying right? That is exactly way a chimney starter is your best friend.

Best thing about a chimney starter is that you don’t need to use chemicals or gas or any of that stuff to get your grill started. And your coals are nice and hot so you can get right to grillin’.

7. Wire Grill Brush

When it’s time to get that grill clean you are going to want a barbecue grill brush and scraper. This tool works miracles. Just make sure the bristles don’t get stuck in your grill. One way we do this is to clean the grill while it’s hot. It requires a lot less scrubbing too.

8. Poker/ Fire Place shovel for coals.

Since we are all about the wood coals, it was a must that we get a grill poker. We use the poker to move the coals around. Moving the coals around allow it to get air and heat up quickly.

9. Grill Basket

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a grill basket it worth it’s weight in gold especially if you have pescatarian and vegetarians that you grill for.

grill basket
courtesy of el chefo

We actually have several different grill baskets. One for fish grilling and one for vegetable grill basket.

10. Pizza Stone

We are a big fan of Pizza Friday but once the Summer comes we do not want to put anything in the oven. So our pizza stone (with carry rack) is used very often. And we don’t just use it for pizza.

While I’m were on the topic  of food don’t forget to add some delicious meat and veggies to your grill. You can go for the classic grilled steak with a decadent sauce or mix it up with Mexican Street Corn.

Yup, there are 10 Best BBQ Grill Accessories you must have for a great BBQ start from hubby.So let’s get grillin’. Don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends. Oh, and send me pics of that delicious food on the grill.

What do you think are the three most essential grilling accessories?


9 thoughts on “10 Best BBQ Grill Accessories you must have for a great BBQ

  1. Love this post as I have been going insane thinking of fathers day gifts for my husband, and some of these items would be great for him! I have a question about the format you used for the “related items” section – how do you get those products to show up in a grid format???

  2. These are all great ideas. We barbecue regularly, and all of these are things we have at our disposal. My personal favorite is a Bluetooth thermometer. Nothing like being able to check the temperature of the meat from your phone!

    1. Hi Katie,

      I have to admit when DH said he wanted it I thought he was crazy but pizza off the grill is really tasty.

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