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10 March Madness Party Ideas to Make Sure Everyone has a Ball

March Madness is here. The NCAA tournament begins this Sunday. Which means it’s a great reason to get your friends and family together and have a good time. So I’ve rounded up 10 March Madness Party Ideas to Make Sure Everyone has a Ball.

Selection for March Madness starts Sunday. I think the first weekend of the tournament is the best time to have a party but set a specific time for your party since the games run all day. That is unless you want your party to last all day.  These ideas are to help everyone really get into the spirit of March Madness whether they watch basketball or not.

10 March Madness Party Ideas to Make Sure Everyone has a Ball.

Home Court Inviting

You know, I’m a big fan of decor and making people feel welcomed as soon as they walk in. Now that doesn’t mean you have to go over the top or spend a lot of money. At the minimum you want to at least let people know where the party is. An easy way to do that is with basketball balloons at your door. You can also get balloons in the March Madness colors (black, white and orange). If you’d like to do more, set up a basketball hoop at your basketball hoop.

Dunk the Decor

If you want to really go all out there’s a ton of basketball decor out there. From streamers and banners to plates and cups and even basketball coasters. I also love basketball food. Basketball cakes are pretty simple to make you just need a round cake and some orange icing. Just a couple of decorations can make you party really inviting.

Down The Middle

Make all items (drinks and food) as easily accessible as possible. There’s nothing worse than a log jam at the table as people are trying to get food or drinks. Avoid this by spreading food and drink items out and creating height to make sure everyone (big and small) can get what they want.

Martha Stewart

Fill Out Your Bracket

It’s not March Madness if you don’t fill out the bracket. It’s a fun activitiy whether you are into college basketball or not. It’s crazy how sometimes people with no clue have the best brackets. You can print your official March Madness bracket here.

Pass the Fun

Basketball net, inflatable basketballs these are super fun not just for kids but also for adults. For those that are there just for the party you might want to get some photo booth props. for those maybe a little less interested in the game and there more just to have a good time. Great way to have a little something for everyone.

Ready, Set, Guess

I came across a get online March Madness Trivia Quiz. Great quiz to take during commercials or after the game. You can have it ready on another t.v. (that gets internet) or a tablet. Don’t forget to make sure your t.v. is in sports mode. Did you know your t.v. had a sports mode? if you have a surround sound make sure to turn it on to really get the feel for.

Get In the Game

Pull out the NCAA Basketball video game. You can have the tournament on in one room and people playing video games in another room.

Stay Hydrated

Keep drink cool in whatever  you have on hand. From cooler, to paint cans or the kitchen sink. Always great to have non-alcoholic drinks like gatorade just in case. And of course don’t forget water.

Make the Food

Food is one of my favorite parts of a party. Looking for some new dishes to add to your repertoire? Check out my 1o Easy March Madness recipes post. What are you favorite March Madness party foods?

10 easy march Madness recipes to make at home

The Champions

Everyone like to be a winner. So if you decide to have games you might also want to have party favors or prizes. Whether you have a dunk contest or  the winner of the NCAA Basketball video game. Like a basketball stress ball or a funny basketball t-shirt.

Hope you decide to have some people over and have a ball watching the march Madness games.

Hope you enjoy the games. And of course, if you are thinking about having a basketball themed party a lot of these are great ideas and freebies. If you need help planning a party, let’s chat. I’d be happy to help.




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