10 Small Changes You Can Make to Lose Weight

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Was your New Year’s Resolution to live a healthier life and lose weight? I’ve put together a list of 10 Small Changes You Can Make to Lose Weight so you can accomplish your goals.

It’s the new year and most people make a resolution. Out of the top 4 out of 5 resolutions are about weight loss and exercise. But for many of us adhering to those resolutions isn’t easy. But there are small changes you can make to eat a bit healthier so you can lose weight.

I have to tell you, I am not a fan of diets. I will workout with the best of them but if you tell me I have to drink green juices for 2 weeks … you can bet it ain’t happening. But that’s what most of us do. We throw ourselves into the deep end knowing we can’t swim. Luckily, the best way to lose weight and to keep it off is to make small changes.

If you follow me on Instagram you know that we are big fans of food. From Mac n Cheese to Pernil we love to eat well. But we don’t eat mac n cheese everyday (though I might if I could).

10 Small Changes You Can Make to Lose Weight

1.Drink Water

I know, I know you’ve heard it before but you really hate water. That’s ok, drink it anyway. Drinking water helps to boost your metabolism. Most dietitians’ believe it’s “critical to weight-loss.” It helps you feel fuller, which means you take in fewer calories. Yes, easier said then done. My strategy is chugging. First thing in the morning I try to quickly drink anywhere from 24 to 32 ounces of water. Crazy right! But it works for me. If drinking water throughout the day is an issue there are tons of apps out there to remind you to drink water and with sync with your fitness tracker. If taste is the bigger issue for you, add a bit of lemon and cucumber to your water. Problem solved.

2.Start Your Day with protein

Protein is filling. So starting your day with protein makes you feel full and less hungry throughout the day. That’s why programs start you with a protein shake for breakfast. To make sure you get enough protein first thing in the morning. I tell my son all the time “Eat your protein, your muscles needs it.” So I’ll say the same to you. Eat your protein, your body needs it.

3. Eat More Balanced Meal

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that I love a good Beef Burgundy or pasta with Bolognese. And though those delicious are absolutely delicious and I could just bury my head in a plate of it. I understand that to stay healthy my meal must be balanced. So before diving into the plate of arroz con pollo, I make sure that I eat a nice big salad. Not only does it keep me from inhaling the main course it also allows me to get my veggies in. Balanced meals help to stop the cravings. And in the end, it helps to keep you satiated longer so you are less likely to over indulge (at least that’s what my trainer told me when I told her I wasn’t hungry).

4.Sit Down and Eat

Standing up and multitasking while eating are a big no, no. You’re mind is not what you are doing. This is important for your mind to acknowledge you are eating. Get it … mindless eating. And yes, I will say it. Sit and eat with your family and friends. Lunch or dinner may take longer but you are more likely to digest better and your mind (and stomach) have the opportunity to register that you have eaten, and that you are full.

5. Smaller Plate, Smaller Waste

It’s great to have a nice big plate of pasta but not necessary. Of course, you won’t be as interested in a big plate of pasta if you start your meal with a big delicious salad. So go ahead and move that pasta to a salad plate and don’t pile it high.

6. Leave the Junk Outside

If you can see it, then you will eat it. I know I’m less likely to eat potato chips if it’s not in my house. And with the current weather, even if I was interested in potato chips I wouldn’t go out in this weather to get some. If bad food is easy to access, you will eat it. So stay as far away from it as possible.

7. Get Your Zzzzzz

Your body needs time to recover and de-stress.  That happens when you get your sleep. So how much sleep should you get? About 7 hours a night. I know wholly cow. But here’s the thing … Did you know you burn calories when you sleep? Additionally, it allows your brain to focus. And if I understand correctly, prevents your body from storing fat. Yay, not storing fat.

8. Plan It Out

Life happens so there’s always going to be a time when you meant to eat healthy and life got away with you. When you plan for the little hiccups in life you are better able to recover from it. Which means you are able to stick to eating a bit healthier. As a mom of 4 boys there would be no way I could do anything without planning. The more of my day I don’t have to think about, the more I am able to accomplish.

9. Belly B4 the Cart

Eat before you go grocery shopping. I typically have to eat before I make my grocery list. Going to the grocery store hungry makes you want to eat everything and anything that moves (or is that just me?). I know sometimes it’s unavoidable but if you can help it do it.

10. Light That Fire

So you knew this was coming … cook more of your meals at home. Food is so much healthier (and budget friendly) when you make it yourself. If you are looking for a couple of healthy recipes that are super easy you can try this kale and sausage soup for starters. Just throw everything in one dutch oven and let it simmer away.

So there. We are going to stick to our New Years Resolution to lose weight with these easy and simple tasks. Don’t feel as though you have to implement all of them tomorrow. Try one or two every week or so. Once it becomes a habit, you can move on to another one. We’ve got this!!

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  1. yeah, I always try to put small portions on my plate at home. I can always go back for more, but usually, I don’t. I have to eat too before I go to the market. Everything looks so good when you’re hungry.

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