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5 Beautiful Food Bar Ideas for a Great Party

Spring is here and that’s an awesome reason to have a party. Whether it’s a cocktail party, brunch with friends or a baby shower there 5 beautiful Food Bar Ideas for a great party.

March Madness is here and I rounded up for some delicious recipes and  great party ideas. But now that Spring has sprung I’ve been thinking about the coming bridal and baby showers.  If you’re going to do that I would suggest setting up a food bar. Not just for ease but also because it’s a great way to get people to come together.

There’s no need to scroll through Pinterest looking for a bunch of ideas. I’ve got you covered. I’ve combed wedding websites and tons of Pins and to bring you some mouth watering food bars that’ll have your guests salivating for more.

5 Beautiful Food Bar Ideas for a Great Party

Whether you are throwing an elegant brunch or a late night fiesta a food bar is the way to go. Most of the items can be made ahead of time and the main purpose of a food bar is or people to serve themselves. That leaves plenty of opportunities for you as the host to mingle and have some fun. Brunch is the theme the Bagel Bar is the firs star.

Bagel Food Bar

Since the many of the games start in the afternoon I thought it might be nice to have a brunch. This bagel bar idea comes from Le Appartement Living blog. Not only is this simple it’s compact. The amount of space in French apartments is pretty limited so this is food bar idea is perfect for those of you with small kitchens. Look at all those beautiful colors.

Bagel Bar

It’s also always interesting to see how create food masterpieces. People’s food choices can help you learn a lot about them. It’s a good time.

Avocado Food Bar

One of our favorite healthy foods is avocado. So you know I was super excited to come across and avocado food bar. She you can’t sleep on Martha Stewart. She knows how to have a good time and throw a good party. And because nothing has to be cooked it’s super quick and easy to set up and perfect for anyone who’s a novice in the kitchen or just doesn’t have the time. If you have a bit more skill in the kitchen I would suggest adding some well seasoned quinoa, shredded chicken or a poached egg to your list of toppings. These can all me made ahead of time and will add some additional protein (as well as variety) to your avocado bar. Making this avocado food bar even more filling.

MSL – Easy Entertaining Aug 12

Olive Food Bar

Of course, I really mean olives, cheese grapes and bread because … why not? This olive bar is simple and beautiful. Best of all if you aren’t skilled in the kitchen or you don’t have a lot of time this is something you can throw together afterwork on a Friday. I found this beauty while sifting through work from various caterers in Pittsburgh. Ken Kienow the photographer really captured the simplicity in this photo. It feels so laid back. Right?

Hot Dog Food Bar

I know you are wondering how hot dogs can be beautiful. You need to go back and look at my International Hot Dogs posts. Those were some beautiful and delicious dogs. And since beauty is in the eye of the beholder I think a well dressed dog is also beautiful. One of the most beautiful hot dog (actually sausage) bars I saw was from the Gentleman’s Gazette. The article focuses on how to host a backyard party and then at the end there is this beautiful image of a set up. Wow.

Jamie-lynn from also has created a great hot dog bar my creating beautiful labels. She did a wonderful job with her hot dog bar. And she even will provide you with some 4th of July themed hot dog bar printables if you want to join her squad.


Cookie Food Bar

And for those with a late night sweet tooth what could be better than cookies. Serve a variety of cookies with milk, coffee or what ever else makes you happy. This food bar is great for adults and kids. There were so many beautiful cookies bars on as well as several other party websites. I choose this bar because I love the use the different cookie jars.  Not to mention it would be fairly easy to achieve this look by adding ribbon and labels the same color as the theme of your party.

You could even forgo the label and just purchase a cookie jar with chalkboard label. That’ll make creating this food bar even easier. Depending on the occasion (baby shower or bridal shower) you can send the winner of which ever game home with a delicious jar of cookies. Nice!!

Food bars encourage conversation and can even bring people together. Yup, that’s right. I’m talking about bonding over milk and cookies. And to be honest, there are so many wonderful and beautiful food bar ideas out there. I’ve just finished this one and I’m itching to make another one. For now, I’ll leave this right here. Which food bar do you like the best?

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