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5 Mistakes Not To Make When Throwing an Impromptu Event for More Fun and Less Stress

It’s Thursday, and that’s a good enough reason to have people over. But you start to worry about how to make sure everyone has a good time. No worries. The EKC Experience had identified 5 Mistakes Not To Make When Throwing an Impromptu Event for More Fun and Less Stress.

You might want to shay away from having people over especially when the decision to have people over happens at the spur of the moment. But don’t fight that feeling. We need to spend more time with over friends and family. Whether you’ve thrown 100 parties or none at all, there are mistakes we all have made in a rush to have people over. Here are 5 Mistakes Not To Make When Throwing and Impromptu Event: For More Fun and Less Stress.

5 Mistakes Not To make When Throwing an Impromptu Event: for More fun and Less Stress

Mistake #1 Where’s The Ice

I’ll admit it. This is me. Yup, I’m the culprit. Even when I think there’s enough ice. There’s not enough ice. Except the last couple of parties more than enough ice because We bought several bags of ice. We didn’t rely on the ice cube trays in our freezer (though adding some fruit or flowers to your ice is fun) and we didn’t go in alone.

5 mistakes not to make

Mistake #2 I’ll Do It Myself

The worst thing to do is to not let people help. That’s what I mean when I say “go in alone.” When someone asks what can they  bring or if they can help. Say Yes!! Especially, if it’s an impromptu party. Take all the help you can get before, during and after the party. These are your family and friends and they want to spend time with you and they want you to have a good time. So let them chip in (ha, ha chip in) if they want to.

Mistake #3 Everything And the Kitchen Sink

Your friends and family want to spend time with you. So when an spontaneous event arises your friends don’t expect you to drive yourself crazy to have them over. Keep it simple when preparing for an unplanned party. As long as you cover the basics everyone will be happy. You don’t need fancy drinks or every type of beer. Just cover the basics. Wine, beer, iced tea and a small variety of food. Something vegetarian. Something for the carnivores and a gluten free option. Your vegetarian dish might even be able to cover your gluten free & vegetarian friends. But really. People just want something to nosh on as they hang out and shoot the breeze.

Mistake #4 To The Watering Hole

A What? A watering hole. One place where everyone gathers to get drink (or food). By putting all of your food and drink in one place you create congestion. My kitchen nor my dining room are spacious so when having people over I try to make sure that food and drink are dispersed through at least two if not three rooms. It also gives people to opportunity to roam about and meet new people.  You always want to create an opportunity for family and friends and old friends and new friends to meet.

Mistake #5 Who Me?

If you are like me you are interested in everyone having a good time. But don’t forget it’s important for you to have a good time too. So add a bit of you to your party. If red is your favorite color add a bit of red food coloring to your drink. Or if you’ve always been the life of the party, crank up your favorite playlist. Whatever makes the party scream you.

I’m a sucker for a good party and a champion for spending more time with family and friends. So, I hope these tips ease your mind and encourage you to spend less time stressing the party and more time enjoying it.

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    1. Thank you. I really just want to encourage people to spend more time together. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you in the future.

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