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5 Tips for a Great Summer BBQ

5 Tips for a Great Summer BBQ

This summer has been wonderful and busy. I think it’s partially because some of our friends are parents or teachers and so they take vacation time during the summer. And nothing says summer more than a great BBQ. Here are my 5 Tips for a Great Summer BBQ.

5 Tips for a Great Summer BBQ

  1. Make A Plan

    The most important part of a party, well at least a party at our house is the food. Think about what you want to serve and how many guests you expect to feed. A great rule of thumb is about 1/2 pound of meat per person. And about 1/4 pound per child. We have friends that have very different food requirements so I try to make sure there’s a little bit of something for everyone. Check out my Party Checklist for help on planning your BBQ or Party.

  2. No Matter the Weather Stick Together

    Nothing ruins a party more than bad weather but you don’t have to let it get you down. If you have the right equipment your BBQ can weather any storm or blasting hot sun. We typically put up two canopies for our BBQs. I remember one year it was so hot we brought out circulation fans in addition to 3 coolers of water bottles. And make sure you have bug spray and citronella candles. You don’t want your guest to be eaten alive. In the end, you do what you’ve got to do.

  3. BYO Special Dish

    People want to bring something to a BBQ and everyone has something that they do well. So let them make that. I understand when you’re having a get together there might be certain dishes you want. If that’s true make it yourself and let your guests bring what they’d like. I like to bring trifle. I just love that it stands up on its own. It’s the little things you know.

  4. Pitcher Perfect

    In our house the BBQ just isn’t a BBQ with out the right drink to quench your thirst. Hubby makes a delicious Sangria based off of a recipe from The Kitchn. Be careful. This recipe has 1/2 a cup of Brandy in it so sip, don’t guzzle. Ohhhhhhh. Don’t forget the ice. And then some more ice. I’m lucky my dad always brings 2 extra bags of ice. Thanks Daddy.Sangria

  5. Are You Not Entertained

    We always have music and tons of games for the kids (and adults). We have a soccer ball, several footballs, dozens of frisbees, scoop ball and a mini golf set. Years ago we decided it was in our best interest to purchase a bounce house. It was a great investment. So great, I’m thinking about getting another one. But you don’t need a bounce house believe me when I tell you bubbles go a long way.Bubbles

If you are looking for dishes for your get together I’m in love with this Summer potato salad and this herb marinated skirt steak for a special occasion barbecue. But, we’re not always high class. At as cheap as $0.59/LB, chicken leg quarters are the ultimate bbq food to feed a large group of people on a budget. Grilled, smoked, dry rubbed or lacquered in the richest, smokiest bbq sauce you can make, chicken is always a cost effective crowd pleaser at our summer get togethers. Follow some of these tips and your BBQ will be a hit.




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