5 Tips for Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother’s Day can get pretty hectic and this year we are juggling Mother’s Day as well as several birthdays. Of course, that’s not going to stop us from making this day as special as we can for our mothers. These 5 Tips for Mother’s Day Brunch should help it go off without a hitch.

There are lots of ways to say “Thank You” for everything mom has done. Of course, we say “thank you” with food. Here are a couple of tips that have helped us make Mother’s Day a great day for everyone. Hope it’ll help you make your mom’s Mother’s Day great.

5 Tips for Mother’s Day Brunch
  1. Don’t let mom make cook. I know you are like “duh” but sometimes getting mom out of the kitchen isn’t as easy as you’d think. So here’s where you have to be quick on your feet and plan ahead. Yes, like now. Quiche is a dish that can be made ahead of time (frozen) and then reheated.Spinach Quiche Lorraine
  2. Make something she likes. If your mom has a tendency to say “I’ll do it myself” that might mean she likes things a certain way. So this time, (since it’s her day) do it her way. If she like bacon and not ham, make bacon. If she likes runny eggs, let the yolk run.
  3. Keep It Simple. There’s nothing wrong with a salad. My Deconstructed Spinach Salad leaves room for you to add everything from eggs to strawberries. Try spicing up some eggs by making shakshuka. Everything is in one pot and it’s as simple as opening a can of tomatoes and cracking some eggs.Shakshuka Close Up
  4. Make it Ahead. Everything from crepes to waffles can be made several days before. Mix up the dry batter for some waffles ahead of time, then add the wet ingredients the morning of.
  5. Splurge. Make breakfast as decadent as you can. That might mean adding blueberries to a cheese blintz, or melting some chocolate and adding whipped cream to waffles. If you’re making Quiche Lorraine, spring for the fancy gruyere cheese.

You know your mom, wife, significant other better than anyone else so on that day, cater to them. She just wants to feel loved and acknowledged for all that she does. And don’t forget to have fun.


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