5 Travel Tips For Family Fun

travel tips for family fun

Our first big road trip is around the corner and I can finally say that I am ready. I know it’s July and I probably should have been ready back in May or June but I wasn’t and now I am. We’ve got several family trips planned and I hope to make the experience as painless fun as possible. Here are my 5 Travel Tips For Family Fun.

There are days I feel as though we live in the car. And what’s funny is that I keep a diaper bag packed so that I’m not running around looking for things when it’s time to get the kids in the car. I love having day trips planned. Whether to the sprinkler park or the movies there are tons of fun day we take with the kids.

This summer along with our day trips, we’ve got a couple of long hauls to make. The Summer is a great time to visit friends and see the country. First we are heading up to New England then down to North Carolina. Summers are typically crazy which is why it’s so important that everyone really enjoys themselves and has fun on these trips.

5 Travel Tips For Fun Family

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1. Be A Busy Bee

Keeping children busy during a long car ride is my first priority. There are certain toys that I find work really well for the littles during car rides. Tactile toys work really well. Anything from the LeapFrog Scribble and Write to Melissa & Doug Hand Puppets. Anything that keeps the kids busy and laughing … bring that. Last but not least, the Ipad. The iPad is the our last resort. There are educational games, a storytelling app as well as some children’s movies for the kids to watch. Of course, nothing is more fun than a sleepover in the car. Right?! Our kids love watching movies and eating snack. Especially, in the car.

Travel Tips Family Fun2. It’s In the Bag

Snack bag, toy bag and trash bag. If I don’t have to stop, I don’t. So I pack several bags of snacks in an insulated bag with bottles of ice water and frozen juices. This works much better than ice packs and then there’s also less to carry.

I use a combination of snack bags and mason jars to keep the snacks separated. I like the wide mouth jars because the kids can use them easily. It’s great for keeping crunchy snacks like zucchini chips from getting crushed in our bag of snacks.

3. Cuddle Up

I find that someone is always cold, so I keep an extra blanket in the car. Our littles love the really soft plush blanket in their favorite superhero character. On long car rides I also bring pillows. The travel pillows that you’d take with you on an airplane are perfect. It helps to have an extra blanket or two (I typically have 2) particularly if we decide to stop and have a picnic. If the kids need don’t want to cover the kids with the blanket we put on the ground.

4. What’s in Your Glovebox

My glovebox has a bunch of things. Along with napkins and plastic utensils, I keep anti-bacterial wipes and music. Music is essential to our car rides whether long or short. There’s nothing cuter than little voices singing. Last thing in my glovebox is my checklist.

Depending on where we are going I make a list of everything I need. This list is also very helpful in making sure you bring everything back home. Before I made a travel list I was notorious for leaving things at people’s homes. And that was before children. Yay, not leaving stuff behind.

5. Everything In Its Place

It’s so important to organize your car  and your snack bag in a way that you can easily access the things you need. For instance, we keep a trash bag in the front and back of the car. Blankets, potty (yes, I have travel potty), portable playard, stroller, extra clothes (for everyone), rain poncho, paper towels, First Aid Kit, sunscreen, lotion, and additional toys stay in back of the car. I’ve been caught off guard before and I vowed to never let it happen again. I’m sure it will because that’s life but you can’t blame a girl for trying.

At the end of the trip, everything that was accumulated during the trip must come out. That’s what makes mommy happy. These travel tips help keep me sane and organized which makes it less stressful and more fun for everyone. Hope this tips help you and your family have tons of fun.

Do you have any family trips planned? What are your travel tips?




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