Baked Sweet Potato Cranberry Latkes

baked sweet potato cranberry latkes

These Baked Sweet Potato Cranberry Latkes are a delicious and healthy way to start the morning. It’s a recipe the family with love.

Healthy, delicious comfort food first thing in the morning … why not. Why not take the food that my littles have loved since they could smack their lips and turn it into breakfast. What food am I talking about. Sweet Potatoes of course. Sweet potatoes are filled with nutrients. It has tons of Vitamin A , C one of those B vitamins, protein and fiber. More importantly, all our littles love it.

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Baked Sweet Potato Cranberry Latkes

And I’m not fool. I know a perfectly baked sweet potato is delicious and sweet that’s why the littles love it. But it’s healthy and filling and that’s exactly what they need in the morning. From the beginning of feeding our littles solid food sweet potatoes have been a staple. I can not tell you how many 5 pound boxes we’ve bought over the years.

So when I’m in a jam sweet potatoes are one of the foods I turn to. It became a simple solution not just for lunch but also for breakfast since my littles love it. These Baked Sweet Potato and Cranberry Latkes came about during a hectic morning in the kitchen. You’ve had those before right? You’re at a loss for what to make the usual suspects (bacon and eggs) are MIA and you need to pull breakfast together fast.

Baked Sweet Potato Cranberry Latkes

These Baked Sweet Potato Cranberry Latkes worked perfectly because we were down to our last egg.  I know, I know. You’re asking “how as a family of 6 do you run out of eggs?” I’m human and it happens sometimes. And I have to admit that is sometimes when you have to be the most resourceful right? Well, that morning we had very few eggs and a full bunch of sweet potatoes so I used what I had. And it was delicious.

Baked Sweet Potato Cranberry Latkes


  • 1/2 cup dried cranberries
  • 3 medium sweet potatoes, grated
  • 2 eggs, slightly beaten
  • 4 tablespoons flour (ground flaxseed)
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 2 tablespoon granulated sugar

Tools: 2 small bowls, large bowl, mixing spoon, parchment paper (optional), baking sheet.

Recipe Note: If you don’t want to use a grater chopped those sweet potatoes up and throw ’em in the food processor. It’ll actually save you a ton of time.


Preheat oven 350 degrees F.

Soak dried cranberries in a cup of warm water for about 20 minutes.

While dried cranberries are soaking, wash and dry sweet potatoes.

sweet potatoes

Use a grater to grate sweet potatoes into a large bowl.

Mix grated sweet potatoes and eggs until well combined.

In a separate bowl mix flour and baking powder.

Combine flour and sweet potato mixture then add sugar and mix well.

Next mix raisins into the sweet potato flour mixture.

Using a 1/4 cup measure scoop up sweet potato mixture  and place on parchment lined baking sheet.

Bake for 20 minutes or until the center is firm and the edges have started to brown.

Then flip sweet potato latkes and bake on the other side for 20 minutes.

Baked Sweet Potato Cranberry Latkes

And it’s done.

Since the oven is already on you can add some bacon and serve these baked sweet potato cranberry latkes with a side of baked bacon. LOL.

If you are having this for brunch serve with a dollop of whipped cream or some apple-raisin chutney. Yum. What would you serve your baked sweet potato cranberry latkes with ?


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