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BBQ Beer & Bourbon the Perfect Father’s Day Cookout

BBQ, Beer & Bourbon Perfect Father's Day Cookout

BBQ Beer & Bourbon the Perfect Father’s Day Cookout to show Dad some love. Let’s make Dad feel extra special on his day.

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BBQ Beer & Bourbon the Perfect Father’s Day Cookout. Hubby is getting old and what better way to celebrate Father’s Day than at home with an intimate beer tasting party. It’s the perfect way for the family to celebrate Dad for all he does.

BBQ Beer & Bourbon the perfect father's day cookout

Local breweries are a major thing now. We even have a friend who makes his own home brew. Now breweries are not my thing per se (not a big beer fan) but I have been to several breweries, winery that uses a bourbon cask  and vice versa.

Initially, introduce to artisanal breweries at the Rising Tide in Portland, ME. Their craft brew were delicate and specific. Hunny was excited by the beer that fermented in a bourbon cask (yup, that’s how we got here). But there are so many wonderful family and small breweries all over the country. Like the Waterville Brewing Company in my old college stomping ground. As well as Brooklyn Brewery where the Colby Alums sometimes have Happy Hour gatherings. You can pick up a growler at your local brewery or opt for  a variety pack of beers of your local beverage provider. In the end, it’s all about Dad enjoying his day and feeling the love. So have a cookout that has all of his favorites.

BBQ, Beer & Bourbon the Perfect Father’s Day Cookout

BBQ, Beer & Bourbon the Perfect Father's Day Cookout


Ribs or steak either way dad is going to be happy to have something off the grill for his special day. Ribs are always the first choice in our house. We make both beef and pork ribs and since the sauce is out we’ll throw some chicken thighs on the grill tooIf you’re not that comfortable at the grill you can start your ribs in the pressure cooker or oven and finish it on the grill (that’s what I’ll be doing). Of course, once the grill is hot it stays hot for a while. So go ahead and throw some potatoes, corn on the cob, or burgers and hot dogs on for later (or tomorrow). Yup, I’m thinking “Lunch for tomorrow done = winning!”

And though dad might just be focused on what’s on the grill. Feel free to add a light potato salad or

summer potato salad

You can also add a little sweetness to this menu with some grilled peaches topped with vanilla ice cream. Make sure to place the peaches over indirect heat. I know. Yum!

bbq grilled peaches


As for the beer… Since we don’t live near an breweries I went to several local stores to see what type of variety packs I could get my hands on. I was in luck. There were several very nice varieties. Not exactly sure what to get? I’ve done the research for you. There are a couple of staple beers you should include if you’re going on a beer tasting adventure.

Pale Ale – Lightly colored beer with strong hop flavor.

Blonde Ale aka Summer Ale (my favorite) – wheat beer with lots of crisp flavor like lemon. Great at BBQs.

Lager – Comes in a variety of colors. beer that has been through the cool fermentation.

Beer Tasing Party Kit

Porter – Dark color with lots of malt and hops. Smells beautiful (like chocolate or coffee) but has a tendency to be bitter and dry.

Stout – Dark color with a roasted flavor. Can also have a chocolate, coffee or currant flavor (I love a good chocolate stout. It tastes like chocolate malt).

Pilsner  – Light in color with a refreshingly crisp clean taste.

Belgian Witbier – light in color with balance of fruit and spice.

American IPA – light in color with a bit of a fruity taste.

See … those tours through the brewery were well worth it. LOL.

I’m known for wanting to make a party out of everything so why not Father’s Day too. You can make it a bit more fun by removing the regular beer labels and replacing it with your own (or mine) and having a little beer tasting. Provide everyone with a beer score card so they can write which beer they like the best. Don’t forget to write yourself a cheat sheet.


So how to you use the right bourbon for DH? Daddy dearest? When I first tried to purchase for my honey it was a overwhelming. I was lucky that the owner of our local store is well versed in the finer things in life. LOL. As far as what to chose decide what Dad has a taste for.

Traditional Bourbon have an equal amount of rye an barley. Hunny introduced me to a spicy High Rye Bourbon which I love. And not just because there are roses on the bottle and it looks pretty. But because it really has a great taste. Traditional Wheat Bourbon which is made from corn, wheat and barley so it’s a bit sweeter.

It’s crazy that I have a favorite bourbon because was never a bourbon drinker. But my honey makes a Maple Bourbon Sour I just can’t resist.  Which Bourbon do you think your Dad would like? You could get a couple for people to sample and see.

People also up-cycle these bottles and create amazing things.

This recipe of BBQ, Beer and Bourbon for Father’s Day is one my Father and Husband will love. What are you doing for Dad this Father’s Day?


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