Best White Elephant Gifts Under $25

best white elephant gifts under $25

Gift giving can be pretty hard. Gifts given during the holidays often leaves much to be desired. Especially, if there a budget. So here’s my guide to the Best White Elephant Gifts Under $25. Everyone will want to steal your gift.

Scrolling through Pinterest one … continued to come up, White Elephant Gifts. If you are wondering what happened that prompted me to write this blog post, it was poop. Yup. Poop. I know that little turd has its own emoji, but under no circumstances do I want you handing me a bag of anything that looks like poop. How Rude!!

Many of the gifts seemed more like gag gifts than white elephant gifts. It seems as though it has lost its meaning. So let’s just do a little recap. The story behind the white elephant is that’s supposed to be extravagant. So extravagant that it’s hard for the recipient to keep up with the it. Of course, most party’s where there’s a white elephant exchange there’s also a price limit.

But no worries there are so many wonderful gifts out there at various price ranges that it’ll be a piece of cake to find a great White Elephant Gifts under $25.

Best White Elephant Gifts Under $25

White Elephant Gifts for Under $10 -Gender Neutral

A warm and simple gift during the winter months is a scarf. But since this is a White Elephant gift you need to go big. So how about an oversized blanket scarf wrap. It’s a shawl, a scarf, a blanket. It’s everything. Perfect right?

Blanket Scarf Wrap

As the weather gets colder there’s something we all could use. This cable knit beanie scully is so cute.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always searching for my headphones. I probably have about 2 or 3 different sets of headphones. Want to give an white elephant gift that everyone wants? Gift a pair of headphones.

My mom’s phone is always almost dead. But that’s most of us these days. We use our phones to check our mail or get directions. Some days I think I use my phone more as a computer than as a phone. So having a Dual Travel Charger really comes in handy.

And if you want to give something a bit more personal think about giving cookies in a jar. During one of my first years teaching my assistant brought me …. You DIY holiday cookie jar.

White Elephant Gifts $25 and under

If you’ve got a foodie crowd, Chef Jernard has a new cookbook coming out called Southern Modified. It’s great southern food for your healthier lifestyle.

Southern Modified

Another great ideas for a White Elephant Gift is a beautiful Essential Oil Diffuser. My bestie got one and now she’s sleeping like a baby. The right combination of oil can leave you energized or relaxed. This might be a white elephant gift that never makes it to the party.

Much happier with some of the gifts Amazon suggested as White Elephant Gifts. One particular one that caught my eye was a beautiful round flask. It reminds me of the beautiful stainless steel flask in old movies. Beautiful isn’t it?

And of course I had to add the honey’s favorite a French Coffee Press. Not sure exactly what he did before we had one in the house.

Now if you want to get literal, you can always give a white elephant as a gift. There are tons of beautiful ceramic white elephants that would add tons of beauty to anyone’s home. Not to mention elephants are believed to be a symbol of good luck.

Now these are White Elephant Gifts that your friends  will be dying to steal. Let’s take this gift exchange a bit more seriously. You don’t have to spend a lot to get someone a great gift.

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