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Blooming Night Out: An Unconventional Floral Arrangement Workshop by the EKC Experience

Blooming Night Out: An Unconventional Floral Arrangement Workshop

Blooming Night Out: An Unconventional Floral Arrangement Workshop by the EKC Experience workshop created to give you the skills and confidence to DIY your own beautiful custom, floral arrangement while have a relaxing night out.

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Blooming Night Out: An Unconventional Floral Arrangement Workshop by the EKC Experience

The New News

So excited to share all of the new adventures here at El’s Kitchen Comforts. We’re a family, so much of this wouldn’t be possible without you and for that I thank you. So what’s new? The “Blooming Night Out” floral arrangement workshop. I was lucky enough to stumble upon this wonderful place called The Maker Depot. It’s filled with original hand crafted wood and metal work. Which is why it’s the perfect place to host an unconventional floral workshop. These are not your cookie cutter floral arrangements.

Why Me

Because I’m a nerd. From the moment we decided to DIY our wedding (over 12 years ago) I’ve researched flower arrangement styles, practiced creating Asian and modern floral arrangements, and stalked my local florists. Trying to acquire the skills I needed to create the vision I wanted for my wedding with limited resources. I needed every tip and trick possible. After the wedding I realized I really liked playing with flowers. so I took floral bouquet classes, watched hundreds of hours of video and made friends with the local florist (in the new town not the old town) so I could watch the pros work.

One of the most influential people in my flora arrangement career (ha, ha, ha) has been my colleague. She takes Ikebana class and every other week bring in the most beautiful and floral arrangements. We sit, I pick her brain. She tells me “you should join the class.” I tell her “who’s got time for that.” My point, I’ve gain some skills over the last decade, and even more tips and tricks for creating beautiful custom flower arrangements. By embracing all floral styles but not getting bogged down by them I’ve created hundreds of beautiful pieces.  Why me? Because it’s about creating with intention, playing with flowers and creating beauty. Whatever that looks like to you.

In the “Blooming Night Out,” I put my teacher hat back on. But no worries you’re not being graded. It’s just to help provide a foundation,  so you’ll have confidence, tons of fun and enjoy playing with pretty flowers. And let me tell you, these won’t be your typically pieces. Flowers have the ability to really brighten up a room. And when you make it your own it truly brings a smile to your face. The floral jumping broom I made for our wedding hang on the wall in our living room. Yup, over a decade later it is still in tact.

The Workshop

The workshop will introduce you to floral styles and  techniques to help create (and keep) a beautiful flower arrangement. I’ll share tricks and tips like when’s the best time to pick flowers from the garden and how to help your flower arrangement stay beautiful longer without that packet of plant food. Information like that is helpful under any circumstance right?

Not to mention you need this workshop for your mental health. Think of it as part of your self care. Research shows that just seeing flowers in an office can creates a relaxing effect (read the article here). Can you image what creating your own arrangement could do? I know!

We’ll find your DIY floral style. Whether it’s modern with Ikebana (that’s my joint) or a classic cascading style, we’ll help you make an arrangement that’s you. The techniques and tips you’ll learn will give you a frame of reference. Which is wonderful when you are unsure of where to start. The workshop will supply you with traditional vases as well as household items and unconventional items to  use as as vessels. As well as flowers from the garden and the floral shop. So you can truly make an arrangement that is reflective of you.

Ready to Join Us?

If you are in New Jersey, click here to get tickets to the June 15th  “Blooming Night Out” flower arrangement workshop. You’ll learn the basics of creating a beautiful flower arrangement but with a twist. There will be a bit of freestyle and the use of everyday items from your home. Not only will you gain some serious floral arrangement skills, you’ll go home with a beautiful and unique piece.

If you can’t make it but you’re interested in attending or hosting a similar workshop contact us at experience@elskitchencomforts.com.

What item from home would you bring to the Blooming Night Out: an Unconventional Floral Arrangement Workshop?




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