Bye Bye Leftover Easter Eggs

Did you spend a day boiling eggs? Then another day painting and dying eggs with the kids? Now are you looking around wondering what to do with all those eggs? Here are a couple of simple ideas so you can say Bye bye Leftover Easter Eggs.

Easter is one of those holidays that the kids love. It’s filled with great food and lots of sweets. I’m not a fan of all the sweets. And sometimes I have to really think about what to do with a bunch of boiled eggs. Of course, Easter isn’t the only time I have that problem but that story is for another day.

boiled eggs

Having boiled eggs for breakfast everyday gets old really fast. So here are a couple of ideas for what to do with those leftover Easter eggs.

Bye Bye Leftover Easter Eggs
  1. Potato Salad You can’t go wrong with potato salad. This is my mama’s potato salad recipe. I tried forever to figure it out on my own. In the end, she had to sit with me in the kitchen and walk me through it. It’s a great place to get rid of extra eggs.
  2. Korean Spicy Cold Noodles Amy has great recipes. Especially this spicy noodle bowl. You can throw a boiled egg on top with all of the other toppings.
  3. Deviled Eggs  Julie at The Little Kitchen has an extremely cute idea. Best of all it won’t even matter if the coloring on your egg soaked through the shell. It actually would add to the aesthetic.
  4. Deconstructed Spinach Salad This is one of my favorite dishes to take to someone’s house. There are so many delicious elements you can add to this dish including boiled eggs. If you’ve got some left over ham, go ahead and throw that in this salad too.

Spinach Salad

My plan of action is in place. How do you plan to use your leftover boiled eggs? Post your photos in our comments or tag us on instagram #elskitchencomforts.

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