5 Fav Cinco de Mayo Dishes

I’m excited to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. I love the parades, the music and of course, the food. Cinco de Mayo is a great opportunity to do all of the above. Of course, the teacher in me needs to put this out there, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are my 5 Fav Cinco de Mayo dishes.

When celebrating Cinco de Mayo I like to keep it as simple as possible. Though I love to be in the kitchen, I want to spend my time dancing, singing and having fun. It’s a great opportunity to spend time with friends. Several of these dishes can be made ahead of time. Which leaves more quality time with friends and family.

5 Fav Cinco de Mayo Dishes

1. Mexican Street Corn (Elotes) I love the sweet and savory of this dish. It’s one of the more traditional Mexican dishes on this list.

2. Mexican Pizza It’s like a double decker quesadilla. It’s all the meat and cheese of a traditional quesadilla with a salad on top. Of course, no one minds the salad because of all the deliciousness below.

3. Empanadas Though this recipe doesn’t use traditional masa as they would in Mexico, empanadas are a number one hit at all times in this house.

4. Mexican inspired Shredded Chicken This easy chicken recipe makes it even easier to make chicken tacos or quesadillas.

And the icing on the Mexican cake is

5. Guacamole of course. Courtesy of Alton Brown this recipe is absolutely delicious. I love the use of tomatoes and jalapeƱos.

Hope you enjoy your Cinco de Mayo and dance until your feet hurt.

If you want to learn more about Cinco de Mayo NBC has a great article.

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