Eggs and Ham in a Jar

Eggs and Ham in a Jar

When I was pregnant my mom (and everyone else) was on me about having breakfast in the morning. I told her I didn’t have time. But you know how mom’s are she didn’t want to hear it she told me to pop some eggs in a ramekin and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. That’s how Eggs and Ham in a Jar came to be.

So before you tell me, “I don’t not like my eggs in a jar, I do not like them in a car,” let me tell you try them, try them and you just might like this eggs and ham in a jar take a bite.

I know I’m not the only person that says they don’t have time for breakfast. But, it’s not true. Not when you can back breakfast in 2 minutes. Yup, I said it. 2 minutes.

Of course, I felt that way because I was pregnant and tired and had an hour commute in the morning. Add to that a morning doctor’s appointment. Yup, your girl was wrecked. But that was exactly why I need to eat.


For a while I would choke down eggs I had boiled the night before or some overnight oats. But cold food in the morning just made me feel sick to my stomach. In the morning I like something warm in my tummy. If you don’t eat pork, don’t worry. This dish is also great with some crisp turkey bacon on top. Who would have thunk it but all I can say is yum.

This is great for back to school. Of course, when I say back to school I meant back to school for me but feel free to make it for your littles. If you’re looking help organizing your meal I’ve got some meal templates that might help. Subscribe to the El’s Kitchen Comforts newsletter to get yours.Ball Collection Elite Wide Mouth Pint 16 oz. Glass Mason Jars, 4 count by Fresh Preserving

Eggs and Ham in a Jar

Makes 1 Serving

  • 2 eggs
  • 1/4 cup frozen spinach
  • 2 slices deli ham (I used Virginia Ham)
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 ounce shredded cheese

Tools: mason jar, cooking spray, fork, microwave

eggs and ham in a jar


Spray mason jar with cooking spray.

Mix eggs, spinach, ham, salt and pepper in mason jar.

Microwave for 1 minute then add cheese.

Place jar in the microwave for an additional minute check regularly every 10 seconds after 30 seconds.

Add additional ham and cheese if you please.


And that’s it. Breakfast in about 2 minutes. This eggs and ham in a jar recipe means you have no excuses to not have breakfast.

Love, love. love this. If you are really adverse to using the microwave to cook your breakfast you can also put this in the oven. If you are looking for a dish with a bit more carb that you can make ahead of time a freeze try my Quiche Lorraine.

If you try this recipe, I’d love to know. Leave me a comment or take a picture and tag it #elskitchencmfrt on Twitter or @els.kitchencomforts on instagram. I’m excited to see what you cook up.




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