Favorite Gifts for Dad

Father's Day Gifts

Father’s Day is right around the corner. But don’t worry, there’s still time to get your husband or father a great gift.  Here are some of our favorite gifts for Dad.

This time of year can really leave you flustered. It’s a crazy time of year for us because of back to back birthdays. But it’s also important to make sure Dad knows he’s appreciated. So in addition to handmade gifts I like to give him something he needs and something that’s frivolous.

Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite gifts for dad.

Favorites Gifts for Dad


Mini me and I saw this shirt and we knew Dad had to have it. After watching the Kidz Bop kids sing the song a million times, it only seemed fitting.


Hubby tries to make sure to keep my stress level down. Sometimes to his own detriment. There’s been a morning or 2 where trying to help get things done early in the morning led to him washing his wallet. So it’s only right we got him a new one.


Yes, the Amazon Echo was a hit with my Dad. I’m not sure whether it’s because it plays all his music (he loves music) or whether it’s because Alexa will read him the news. Either way it was the perfect gift idea and he loves it. So that’s all that matters.


The French Coffee Press is MAJOR!! I’m not sure if hubby can function without a hot shower and strong cup of coffee. And believe me, when I say strong, I mean strong. If he makes coffee I usually fill half the cup with water. Since the coffee grounds steep inside the filter the overall taste of the coffee is better. If Dad likes coffee, this is a must have.

Does Dad like to whip up a few cocktails? Even if he doesn’t this drink book might make him change his mind. It’s filled with information that can be applied outside of the book. There’s no more mystery to how to make a good drink. I personally like that it’s organized by season.


As the weather get’s nicer, one of the first places hubby likes to go it to the grill. This cookbook book broke down some of the tricks of the best barbecue masters. Of course, once the foundation is laid, Dad can soar to new heights with this BBQ cookbook.

In the end, it’s his day, so make sure you get a gift he’ll love. You want Dad to be happy. Hope one of these gifts help you make him smile.

If you are looking for something more crafty check out my crafts page on Pinterest . Or if Dad has a sweet tooth, try my coffee creme brûlée recipe.

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