Free Printable Planning Templates

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If you’re a busy mom these Free Printable Planning Templates are exactly what you need to get your day week and month in order.



Have you seen the commercial where there are a bunch of families laughing, watching t.v. and taking loud until Mom says it’s dinner time? The teenagers roll their eyes but the house quiets down and everyone sits down at the dinner table together. The phones are away and everyone is talking to each other and smiling and laughing at the table. I swear it’s my new favorite commercial. It’s why I know these Free Printable Planning Templates are what so many of us need.

I’ve always been a big fan of writing things down. Don’t say it, I know what you’re thinking. I have a “Notes” app on my phone, a reminders app and all types of other apps in my phone already.” I’ve tried tons of recipe apps and organization apps. But as a former teacher, I’ve always encouraged students to write things down because it helps you to remember. And I stand by that statement. So much that despite the 8 million apps (over exaggeration of course) I have in my phone, I find that I am more efficient and productive when I write things down.

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Free Printable Planning Templates

When I feel like my week is spiraling out of control, it’s probably because I haven’t sat down and organized my week. Luckily, I’ve created some really great templates to help organize everything from your meals for the week to your yearly goals.

Printable Planners

Plan to Fail

Planning helps us. Creating a strategy allows us to identify our priorities, get everyone on the same page and make decision making easier. Even if things don’t go as expected. Having a [lan can make those unexpected changes easier to deal with. For many years my mantra used proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance. Of course, that was many years ago and sans children. I’m not always organized but I try to plan our meals every week and update the family schedule. But with 6 people in the house that’s not always easy. When things to go smoothly, I take a couple of minutes out to schedule the events of the week, phone calls I need to make and to jot down what we are eating for the week. If I don’t plan the week will spiral out of control.

Get Organized and Feel Accomplished

Of course, the tip is to not over plan. Sometimes we right down everything there’s to do but it’s to much to accomplish in one day (or one week). I’m a firm believer in short, focused, to do lists. I try not to put more than four (4) items on my daily to do list. If you’re thinking yeah right, believe me I understand. I love the article “Stop Putting So Much Stuff on Your To Do List” by Productivityist. How much time does it truly take to get it all done? Probably more time than you have. So prioritize.

You’ll notice that there’s just a couple of spaces on the to do list because in all honesty too much on your to do list will lead to failure. Also helps you minimize those additional distractions.

Free Printable Planning Templates

Get Your Time Back & Spend it Wisely

I know you are thinking planning takes time and I barely have anytime to do anything now. But a bit of time spent on organization up front can give your so much in the end. Using planners to stay organized and meal plan helps you save time and money. No more spending hours in the grocery store trying to figure out what your family is going to eat. And no more last minute trips to the grocery store. Hey, we all could always use a little more time to ourselves in this hectic life. Right?

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