Free Summer Activities for the Family

Free Summer Activities for the Fmaily

I appreciate the opportunity to spend time with my family and with my children but there’s only but so many times you can go to the pool, make toilet paper crafts or blow bubbles in the backyard. Sometimes you just need to get out of the house. With our budget in mind, every summer I put together a list of Free Summer Activities for the Family.

This week is the last week of school for most of the students around here and I know most of my mom friends are already trying to figure out what they are going to do with their kids this summer. Luckily, there are tons of free summer activities for the family everywhere you turn.

Free Summer Activities For The Family
Indoor Activities – Educational

Storytime is a great activity for the whole family and is provided year round. Storytime is broken down by age, so that the books and corresponding activities are age appropriate. Libraries like the County of Los Angeles Public Library and the New York Public Library have Family Storytime everyday. Check with your local library to see what it offers for your family.

*BTW New York Public Library also offers coding classes for adults and free Lego Play for children up to 12 years old.

I’m a fan of taking children to the museum. I think being immersed in an experience has a very large impact on them. We took our eldest to the natural History Museum when he was two I think it’s partially the reason he loves dinosaurs now. Museums are great because they’re learning and they don’t even know it because it’s so fun. I’m most familiar with the free museums in New York and New Jersey but I know the museums in Washington D.C., and Colorado have lots of opportunities to have experiences and explore history and the world.

Indoor Activities – Play

A new addition to our free Summer activity list is bowling. Kids Bowl Free is free summer bowling program sponsored by bowling centers. Each bowling alley has its own rules so it’s important to verify all requirements. To find out more information you can visit the site kidsbowlfree.com.

If bowling is not your thing, there are lots of indoor play spaces. Places like Kidville and Little Gym usually allow you to try a class for free. I like those type of places because it encourages learning through play. I also think it’s a great opportunity for children to socialize with other children their age (at least for an hour or so).

Under the Stars

Out on a little adventure with my parents last year, I stumbled across movies in the park. Hoboken calls it “Movies under the Stars.” And many towns have free outdoor movies that cater to children and adults. Wonderful to sit under the stars with your spouse or you children and watch a movie. Check with your town and/or the surrounding towns to see if it has a “Movie Night in the Park” or “Movies under the Stars.” In Georgia, it’s called “Kid’s Summer Movie Series.

Movies Under the Stars

Out and About

If your family is a bit more active you might want to check out the program from the U.S. National Parks. If you’re looking to hike or watch birds and you have a child in the fourth grade (yes, home schooled children too), try the National Parks program-“Every Kid In a Park.” The program provides a free pass to Fourth graders . The best part is that the pass can be used for all children under the age of 16. If there’s a vehicle entrance fee the pass covers the children and the adults in the vehicle.

every kid in a park

So for those of you in Cali who have been dying to go to Channel Island, this is your opportunity to go. Or those of you in Nebraska that have wanted to get your Lewis & Clark on, now’s the time …. The pass actually provides free entry for most national parks, wildlife reserves, nature centers, forests and lakes. Please remember to check with the location to make sure the pass will be accepted.

From New York to Los Angeles cities around the U.S. are having free concerts. New York is know for its Free Summer Concerts but it’s not the only city gettin’ down. D.C. has its, “Sunsets with a Soundtrack” where different branches of the military perform on the West Side of the U.S. Capital. Of course, if you’re looking for a “dance party” cities like Houston provide the music and free dance classes.

Finding Peace

When it’s time to take it down, think about attending a free yoga class to find your calm. There are several events in NYC  including Prospect Park that provide an opportunity for the family to partake in yoga classes. Chicago is calling all of its “Yogis” to participate in everything from rooftop yoga to yoga in the park. I love that Montreal holds its yoga outdoors in Jarden Gamelins.

yoga jardin gamelin

Whether in San Fran’s Union Square or Emerald Isle in North Carolina cities are providing tons of family activities. Most of these programs started in late May or early June and don’t expire until August 31, 2017. Of course, you should check with each institution for specifics.

Hope this list of free summer activities for the family helps create eventful days and lots of memories. Are there any activities missing from this list? If so, please share.

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