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International Hot Dogs

With Memorial Day right around the corner we thought it would be fun to mix it up a bit. Typically we serve hamburgers and hot dogs off the grill with accouterments on the side, so people can add whatever they want. But in the spirit of trying new things we decided to do a hot dog remix and made some international hot dogs.

Many countries have their own take on hot dogs. It was hard to choose just a couple to try. I loved that in the Philippines they eat their hot dog with a fried egg and rice. Or how in Japan they make their hot dog look like an Octopus (the kids thought that was cool). So, I picked a couple I knew I would like and a couple of others I wanted to try. Everything was delicious.

Here’s a list of some of the international hot dogs we liked.

International Hot Dogs

Chicago Style

A U.S. favorite is the Chicago Style hot dog. A Chicago Style dog has mustard, white onions, sweet pickle relish, pickled peppers, tomato slices and a dill pickle spear on a poppyseed bun. Funny enough we have almost all of those items in the house. The only thing we were missing was the poppyseed bun.

Instead of a poppyseed bun we used a regular bun. It didn’t take away from the flavor at all. And boy does that Chicago dog have flavor. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the Chi. It’s funny how food can make you reminisce. There’s something I really like about the combination of sweet pickle relish and the bite of the onions.

Chicago Style Hot Dog

Montreal Inspired Hot Dog

Oh, the Montreal “Steamie.” Nothing better on a cold Montreal night then a nice hot, hot dog. Montreal’s hot dog is a mixture of onions and cabbage. More like a cabbage slaw. Typically green cabbage is used but I love the color of purple cabbage.

To make the cabbage slaw, bring a mixture of sugar,salt, mustard and vinegar to a boil and add shredded cabbage, carrots and onions to make a Niagara slaw to put over your hot dog.

Montreal Steamie

South African Inspired

South Africa has it’s version of a street dog called Boerewors. I’ve always been intrigued by the mixture cultures reflected in the country’s food. My friends who have visited and lived in South Africa were never disappointed by the food.

The Boerewors is more like a sausage with a mixture of beef, lamb and pork. The sausage is seasoned with nutmeg, coriander and cloves. It’s grilled then topped with onions and a tomato relish.

My remix of this dog kept the traditional American beef hotdog but added a sprinkle of coriander. Then I topped the hot dog with onions and tomato relish. I really liked the sweet tomato relish with the salt of the hot dog. How did I live without the savory, sweet combination for so long?

South African Inspired Hot Dog

Norwegian Inspired Hot Dog

Norway keeps the  hot dog nice and simple. Wrap it in a tortilla or flatbread and add some mustard. They are on to something here. Simple, stress free, embracing the natural flavor of the dog. LOL. Who knew a hot dog tasted good in a corn tortilla? Oh, the Norwegians.

Norwegian Inspired Hot Dog

Chilean Inspired Hot Dog

You know I love food from Latin America so deciding which country’s hot dog to make was difficult. The Chilean hot dog was a must try. Not only does this hot dog have sauerkraut, it has avocado too. I’m a big fan of avocado and tomato and the Chilean inspired dog has it all. Yum.

chilean inspired hot dog

Greek Inspired Hot Dog

Last but not least the Greek inspired hot dog. I used a regular beef hot dog and added a greek salad with tzaziki on top. It’s delicious. It reminds me of a gyro, which I love but still hot dogish. If that makes any sense. Next time I make this hot dog, I want to make a lamb version.

greek inspired hot dog

Which international hot dog will you try this weekend?

international hot dogs


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