Leftover Turkey Day Recipes You’ll Enjoy

Leftover turkey day recipes you'll enjoy

The big T – Day has come and gone but you still have tons of leftovers. Here’s a bunch of delicious Leftover Turkey Day Recipes You’ll Enjoy.

Between the blog and the El’s Kitchen Comforts Facebook page we’ve seen tons of leftover Turkey recipes that have excited us about all the leftover turkey we might have. Of course, turkey might not be the only thing you have leftover that needs a new life.

You might have leftover stuffing or potatoes. Well no worries. I’ve rounded up a bunch of recipes that will make you excited to have leftovers. So get your food processor, ramekins and sharp knivesout. We are going to give those leftovers a makeover.

Leftover Turkey Day Recipes You’ll Enjoy

Sandwich Game

The daily meal had me drooling over all of the yummy looking soups and sandwiches. But sandwiches are often over done after Thanksgiving so I keep looking for more. There’s always something that catches my eye and then I saw it. A Day After Thanksgiving Croque Madam. What? Well, I never. But now I will.

Oh Cranberry, My Cranberry

I love homemade cranberry sauce. Honey adds a lot of sugar and a bit of spice and we put it on everything. Of course, I came across some cranberry recipes the Pioneer Woman had and it made me wish we had more leftover cranberry sauce. She’s got this one in the bag. Or maybe I should say in a bowl. Why didn’t I think of mixing cranberries and yogurt. Who doesn’t love a good parfait anyway?

Pioneer Woman Leftover Cranberry Swirl

Holy Sweet Potato

Love me some sweet potatoes. Since I had a bunch of extra wonton wrappers fried up some sweet potato wontons. The sweet potato is such a versatile you could probably do anything with it. Other than I can’t wait to make sweet potato bread pudding. Everything about this dish says indulgent dessert that need to be topped with vanilla bean ice cream. Yum!

Country Living Sweet Potato Pudding

Stuff It

Ha, but really don’t sleep on stuffing. Whether corn bread, white or wheat the stuffing is often where it’s at. And there are tons of other ways you can use it. I really like the idea of making it into a breakfast waffles. I love savory and delicious breakfast recipes. It makes you feel all warm inside and that’s a great way to begin your day. Oh, what about using stuffing to make breakfast cups? Yum!!

T Day Remix

And of course, my Turkey and Pork Potstickers. I personally think I out did myself this year with this recipe. No one even thought to complain about eating turkey for the fourth day in a row (side eye).

These recipe makeover should keep you busy for a bit.

If you try these recipes, I’d love to know. Leave me a comment or take a picture and tag it #elskitchencmfrt on Twitter or @els.kitchencomforts on instagram. I’m excited to see what you cook up.



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