My Amazon Prime Day Shopping Cart

Amazon Prime Day

July 11, 2017 is Amazon Prime Day. Do you believe I had never heard of this until this year. Well, I’ve had my eye on several items and since Amazon Prime is upon us, I figured I’d share some of the items in My Amazon Prime Day Shopping Cart. Luckily, the sales start July 9th.

Amazon Prime Day is a great to get some great deals. I remember someone saying they thought Amazon Prime Day had better deal than Black Friday. Wow!! Now, I don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty bold statement to me. So, I figured I’d partake in the deals. You know really live up to the “Bargain Betty” nickname my husband gave me.

So… What’s In My Cart? You have to promise you won’t judge me. Ok.

My Amazon Prime Day Shopping Cart

For The Beach

Right now, the most important item in my cart is a beach cart with ultra wide wheels. I can not go back to the beach without one. I love the beach, and for years I would pack everything we needed for the beach in two bags. No worries. But it seems like every year the number of items because more and more. So I must breakdown and get a beach cart. It’ll make … the millions of bags (and children) we take to the beach much easier.

Next in my cart is an easy pop up beach tent. Our family of 6 can no longer hide under our cute little umbrella. And as the boys get bigger and their “listening ears” don’t work as well I’m going to have to get some sort of shelter up as quickly as possible before I lose one. And let me tell you the way that wind was blowing the other day, it’s so important to have a tent you can stake down.


In addition to the tent I plan on getting one of those Igloo, Cool Fusion rolling coolers. Not the hard ones. The one that has the firm plastic inside and the compartments in the side. I can’t tell you how many coolers I’ve looked at, tried and decided I didn’t like. This one I liked. I know I probably don’t need the extra compartments but it can’t hurt right? Can you tell our recent trip to the beach as made a huge impression on me?

For the Kids

Ok. What else is in my cart? Stuff for the kids. I came across a cute little trampoline I think the boys will like (hmm, I wonder if 1 is enough). I’ve also had my eye on a climbing dome. I want the boys to make the most of the summer so I think a little trampoline and a climbing dome in addition to our bouncy house will be enough fun for everyone.


For the Mind

And of course, tons and tons of books. Does anyone else get their books on Amazon? I’ve got everything from easy reader shark books to a gardener’s guide to composting. We love having a compost bin but we really want to make it more productive, especially since we’ve expanded the garden. Getting organic fertilizer means strong productive plants.

And since I love history (it’s the history teacher in me) and food, I love books written about both like “How Carrots Won the Trojan War.” I know crazy right. But the title had me at carrots and war.

Actually, looking for my cart I realize everything in here is for the kids or for me. Poor hubby. What should I add for him? Maybe that ARCHEER bluetooth Bamboo speaker/subwoofer.  I love that it’s wireless and the bamboo helps to amplify the sound. It also looks really nice. At more than 50% off I can afford it. For that price, maybe I should buy the headphones too.


There are all types of deals to be had. Yay.


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