Turkey and Pork PotStickers

Some people love leftovers. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them. Especially when it comes to turkey. Though turkey is the focus for many on Thanksgiving it just doesn’t move me. That is until it’s remix time. I’m a big fan of potstickers so what better way leftovers makeover thanĀ Turkey and Pork Potstickers. Continue reading “Turkey and Pork PotStickers”

Instant Pot Candy Bar Cheescake

Happy Halloween. We don’t get a lot of trick or treaters for Halloween. So, there always leftover candy in addition to what the littles bring home. To put that candy to good use I started adding it to cookies. This year it’s and Instant Pot Candy Bar Cheesecake and it’s delicious. Continue reading “Instant Pot Candy Bar Cheescake”

Potato Latkes

I love leftover makeovers. This potato latke recipe reminds me of when I lived in New York City. I was lucky enough to live right next to a wonderful sidewalk cafe on the lower east side. The owner was a older Jewish man that introduced me to Jewish cuisine. And from there my love affair bloomed.

Continue reading “Potato Latkes”