Want to throw a party everyone will remember?

But are you short on time? Or Skills?

The EKC Experience can help you bring your dream party to life. We are committed to helping people craft fun, tasty and memorable DIY events in a fraction of the time!

No matter the budget or the schedule, we can help you create an event that will make people in your life feel special.


Get clarity in your event planning with a brainstorming session, complete with printables and follow-up email support.


Get clarity on your event plan and customized worksheets exclusive to your event!

Party Assist

Strategy, customized blueprint, and virtual support throughout prep and implementation of your party!

Throwing a party can be super fun, but it can also very quickly become overwhelming. Especially, if you are short on time, don't have a clear plan, or you’re a novice in the kitchen. Whatever the obstacle is, don't let it stress you or keep you from throwing or enjoying your event. The EKC Experience will help you plan and organize you event so you execute your event with confidence and have fun.

The EKC Experience is all about relieving the stress of planning and throwing a party.  We help you create the perfect party theme and shave hours off the planning process. We'll create a party plan that works for you and assist you in getting what you need for your event so you can DIY with the  confidence you need. We want you to have more parties so you can have more fun. And we'll help you get started on the right party path. Whether it’s helping you create the perfect centerpiece for your DIY wedding, staying on budget for that baby shower or customizing a birthday party no one has ever seen before. The EKC Experience will help you. We want you to spend more time with your family and friends. So we work to put the fun back in the party planning so you can have fun making memories.
The EKC Experience will do the heavy lifting. We'll provide help in the areas that are most time consuming to make sure you can DIY a party everyone (including your) will enjoy and remember. You'll look like a boss at throwing parties. The EKC Experience will help you incorporate a personal touch and make sure the people you’ve chosen to celebrate with remember it forever.

Schedule your free 20-minute consultation today to find out how EKC Experience can help you plan your next event! 

1 Hour Brainstorming Session - $70
  • Create Party Theme
  • Establish Budget
  • Formulate Menu
  • Follow-up emails complete with session notes
  • Party supply list and accessory suggestions for theme
  • Partially outlined budget worksheet
  • Event Checklist
1 Hour Brain Storming Session
5 mistakes not to make
2 Hour Brainstorming Session - $120

✦ 1st 60-minute session:

  • Discuss event theme
  • Establish Budget
  • Formulate Menu

✦ Follow-up email:

  • Complete with session notes
  • Party supply and accessory suggestions
  • Partially outlined budget worksheet with tips
  • Custom Event Checklist
  • Vendor Checklist

✦ 2nd 60-minute session:

  • Discuss Progress
  • Trim Budget
  • Final Arrangements of Vendors etc.
  • Video Tutorials

✦ Follow-up email:

  • Tentative week prior schedule
  • Tentative day of schedule
Event Blueprint - $300
  • 1 hour brainstorming session
  • Follow-up email with session outline
  • Customized event blueprint
  • Event Design Board
  • Customized event checklist
  • Event budget worksheet
  • Email support
  • Follow-up phone call 1 week prior to event
  • Phone call day prior to event
Event BluePrint
Party Assist
Party Assist - $500
  • 1 hour brainstorming session
  • 30 minute skype session
  • Complimentary Blueprint
  • Custom Event Checklist
  • Vendor management worksheet
  • Event timeline & checklist
  • Day of event timeline & checklist
  • Virtual assistance with DIY invitations & decorations
  • Additional follow-up emails
  • Follow-up phone call 1 week prior to event
  • Follow-up phone call day of the event

Schedule your free 20-minute consultation today to find out how the EKC Experience can help you plan your next event! 

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