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Top Five Dishes to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Top 5 Hispanic Heritage Month

October 15 is the end of Hispanic Heritage Month and I would not be me if I didn’t share some of my favorite dishes with you. I hold this time of year very close to my heart. September has always been the beginning of great things for me. So I’m sharing my Top Five Dishes to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

So why do I love Hispanic Heritage Month so dear to my heart? Is it because I grew up on the Lower East Side of New York? Probably. But it’s most likely because this is when I married my other half. Each dish holds a special place in my heart for one reason or another. More importantly all are pretty doggone delicious.

Top Five Dishes to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month


From a very early age I’ve loved flan. Love it so much that I don’t care if it comes in a plastic … a can or from a Chinese food container. I know I’m bad. Though this idea of eggy custard is a very European thing. The various nation of Latin America  and the Caribbean have made it their own. And I love it.


Verde or rojo. Chicken or pork I really don’t care. Pozole is a dish I love because of all the layers of flavor. I love it whether it’s hot or cold in a cup or in a bowl.Originally, I had the dish on a hot Summer’s day in Mexico but it the type of dish that just make you feel good and is good for you. And you know I’m serious because I go to the store an buy a 111 ounce can of hominy because I know it’s going to go fast and it I want some I better make a lot.


Costa Rica being one of the first five countries in Latin America to earn its independence it is only right that there is a dish on my list from there. Not to mention my friend’s from there and I have to show her and her country tons of love. She’s the wonderful person who taught me how to make this pastelone (I know, it’s still not exactly like hers but it’s darn good). She opened me up to a whole new world of flavors. And talked me through  making this pastelone recipe many times. My oldest loves it and it’s a requirement that I make it several times a year.

Beef Barbacoa

Oh, that American food chain that sells “Mexican Grill.” How I like your food but not your prices. So it’s only fitting that I give this dish back to the people. But really, this Beef Barbacoa had to make it onto my top five list just because getting this dish down required the help of my of everyone from my aunt to my husband. Nothing says family more than a dish that everyone helped create (it was also the 1st time I was introduced to a pressure cooker). So this dish holds a very special place in my heart.

Love you TiTi.

Pollo A La Brasa

All I can say is, yum, yum yum those Peruvians really know their food. The mixture of Latin American and Asian seasonings creates a dimension of flavor that  is on some days is just unexplanable. This pollo a la brasa isn’t exactly like the one from the restaurant but it’s darn close to not have been cooked on a rotisserie spit.

So there are really 6 dishes here because I could not limit myself to five. What can I say sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach. Actually, that’s not true. I’d eat all this and not even blink. Even though I might be sick the next day from eating too much. the point I couldn’t just pick five it was too hard so Number 6 is …

Chicken Pastel

My favorite little bite. I first made these to celebrate the Olympics in Brazil. I couldn’t physically be there but in stomach I was lapping up every morsel. It’s another great Latin American dish that embraces the many different people that live in that Country. A filling that screams Latin American with an Asian shell. Eating  chicken pastel was more delightful than I had expected. I absolutely loved the different textures and the mixture of flavors. Yummy.

So have I convinced you to make this the way you end Hispanic Heritage Month? What could be better than lots of great food and a good time with family and friends. Make these moments count.

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Did these recipes make you hungry? Then share this with your friends and family. Make their mouths water with delicious pics. Don’t forget to send me one too.



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